vibrant society, thriving economy, and ambitious nation are the three main pillars of the Vision 2030. It also Banks on the Kingdom's fundamentals and strengths to support citizens in achieving their aspirations, and one of its goals is to transform into a high-performance government that is effective and transparent, empowering citizens, private sector and non-profit institutions. The vision 2030 takes the initiative in exploring the opportunities available to achieve its goals, including increasing the indicator of government’s efficiency..

Therefore, the Ministry of National Guard’s Development Program established “Bina’a” to ensure the continuity of transformation through the development of professional competencies across MNG and all its sectors in a manner that achieves comprehensiveness, quality, and flexibility. .

What Binna offers

In "Bina’a", we seek to develop initiatives based on competencies needs of the Ministry and all its sectors..

In "Bina’a", we design the training contents based on the world best standards.

"Bina’a", designs its training programs in accordance with the needs of the trainee.

"Bina’a", contracts with training partners and qualified trainers with a high level of expertise in various fields.

In "Bina’a", we measure training impact through evaluating the content and trainer competency, as well as measuring the impact of the training on the trainee's performance to ensure effectiveness across all Bina’a programs.

In "Bina’a", we enhance the development efforts of the Ministry of National Guard through increasing awareness of the Development Programs initiatives which will be facilitated and accessible through the digital library.

Our training fields

Our main task is to enable transformation through capability building and development to achieve the ministry’s future goals. We are interested in building a sense of responsibility in leadership by developing problem-solving skills, arts of influence and increasing professionalism. Bina’a works on designing training programs of short courses and training tracks in different sectors to ensure the quality of development outputs, to raise the level of competencies of the ministry’s employees in both leadership, behavioral and technical skills..

Tatweer Training Program

Bina’a Center provides specialized training programs to develop the skills of military and civilian employees of the Ministry of National Guard, to enrich their professional careers and lead the wheel of change. The first program launched by the center is “Tatweer” training program which follow a continuous development approach to enable trainees to work as part of a team in a contemporary development environment.

“Tatweer” training program fields are:

  • change management
  • Strategy management
  • Project management
  • Quality Management
  • English literacy
  • Digital literacy

Leaders Development Initiative

The Leaders Development Initiative is one of the first and most important “Bina’a” initiatives. The development journey established by determining the current level of leadership competencies and comparing it with the targeted level to identify the development areas for leaders and design suitable training programs that fulfil the needs of the employees of the Ministry of National Guard and enable the transformation at the ministry level.

Professional Certification