Himmatk FAQ


What are the advantages in participating with Himmatk?

Participants can attend professional and prestigious courses and training programs.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with highly experienced consultants from global firms.

Certificate of participation in development projects.


Is it possible to register in both streams?

Yes, it is possible to register in both streams and the selection will be based on the registered experience and compatibility with the requirements of the development projects.

How is the process going to be after registering in Himmatk ?

The process of joining Himmatk team includes the following steps:

1-Selection is made according to the compatibility with project requirements and the capabilities of the applicants, whether they are Subject Matter Experts or Projects Team Members to participate in development projects.

2-Sending an Official Letter to the head of the department/ unit requesting to join the Ministry of National Guard Development Program and stating the expected enrollment duration.


1.What is the expected time frame for the change to impact the employees of the ministry?

The program is currently in the first stage of the comprehensive study journey and defining the ministry’s mission and strategic directions, while taking the necessary approvals. This will be followed by a comprehensive transformation plan that will end in the middle of 2020-2021. The program will also work to accelerate the benefits realization.


2. Is there any contact with other development programs, in different sectors, to take advantage of the oversights that occurred at the beginning of their previous development programs?

The Ministry of National Guard development program was keen to take advantage of all previous and existing experiences in various sectors through visits to relevant programs, whether civil or military, and the coordination continues during the various phases.


3. Were existing ministry experts taken into consideration when hiring staff for the development program?

Yes, civilians and military personnel are among the main pillars on which the program was based. Whether through permanent members in forming the program’s work team, or through technical or executive committees or through workshops that are held continuously in all projects of the program.


4. Will the development program include both civilian and military personnel?

All units of the Ministry of National Guard are integrated and coexist with each other and development cannot be for one side without the other. This reflects the launch of development projects; one is to develop the Ministry of National Guard in parallel with its Health Affairs and several different projects dealing with various military and civil aspects.


5. Will the development program include the academic side of the Ministry of National Guard as well?

Yes, after defining the strategic direction of the ministry, work will begin on developing all sectors and capabilities of the ministry, including education and training.


6. Is the development program concerned with organizations and units only, or will it include the individual level of employees of the Ministry?

The individual is the foundation of which the development process is based. The Ministry of National Guard development program has put this in line with its overall plan, by establishing a training center at the program headquarters that seeks to integrate with the training and educational authorities in the ministry to implement training plans.


7.  Is the Ministry of National Guard development program considered one of the Vision 2030 programs?

Development programs in the military sectors that currently exist are not considered part of the vision programs, but they work to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.


8. Will there be future updates after the Ministry’s strategy is issued?

The development process will be continuous and updated, where each upcoming stage requires the development and updating that suits that stage, and therefore all the goals the program achieves and what outcomes they find will be followed up for its development and updating whenever the need arises.