MNGDP Vision

The driving force of the MNG transformation, empowering its people to make a lasting impact on the kingdom’s future.


The formation of the National Guard began more than 70 years ago during the reign of King Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him, and the National Guard is still in continuous development since then. 

In 1430 the National Guard was then raised to the level of a ministry, and the Ministry of National Guard became one of the main pillars of the security and defense system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the middle of 1440 AH, the Royal Decree was issued to establish the Ministry of National Guard development program, to enhance the continuous development in the ministry. 

Motives for establishing MNGDP

Improving the operational efficiency to effectively respond to constantly changing threats.

Improving the military readiness of the National Guard and defense and security collaboration.

Support MNG Health Affairs to be a leading medical organization.

MNGDP Vision

The driving force of the MNG transformation, empowering its people to make a lasting impact on the kingdom’s future. 

MNGDP Mission

Striving for organizational excellence, we invest in our people and nurture talent to retain capability to deliver sustainable change.

Collaborating and working as one team to realize the ministry’s ambitions, optimizing benefit realization, and adding value at every stage of the journey.

Enabling rapid response to emerging risks and threats to the Kingdom, and ultimately playing a pivotal role in the dynamic Defense and Security ecosystem.

MNGDP Values


Accelerate and develop the required capabilities and skills of the Transformation workforce.


All resources will be adequately supported and empowered with clear accountability and shared responsibilities. 

One Team 

Encourage interaction, foster collaboration, and focus on continuous value creation.

MNGDP Aspirations

Raise the Military Readiness


  • Support capabilities within the ministry and increase flexibility and be able to respond to any future challenges.
  • Raising efficiency of the military force’s performance.


Supporting and strengthening capabilities and leadership within the Ministry of National Guard
  • Increase efficiency by improving the operating model and governance, and improving processes, services, and automation.



Strengthening internal integration as well as military; security coordination


  • Promote integration between ministry’s sectors and the integration with the military forces and security in the kingdom, based on the National Security Strategy.



Offering a high level of healthcare services to all MNG’s employees


  • Working to enhance institutional excellence and support a culture of innovation; to enhance the quality of health services provided in the cities and medical hospitals of the Ministry of National Guard.



Improve resources utilization by strengthening capabilities


  • Working to utilize resources by strengthening capabilities and increase efficiency of spending within the ministry.



MNGDP Commitments

The security of the kingdom is our top priority
We build on our accomplishments



Utilizing best practices
We engage everyone



We aspire excellence


Talents within the ministry 

Talents from outside the ministry 

Experienced consultant 

MNGDP Governance

The Higher Committee




Approving strategic directions

Headed by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman 

The Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister 



Executive Committee



Overseeing the Ministry of National Guard Development Program

Headed by His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah bin Banadar

The Minister of National Guard




leading the transformation



Ministry of National Guard Development Program

Headed by CEO Mushal Almassad