What is Himmatk?

Himmatk is an initiative that aims to utilize the knowledge and expertise available in the Ministry for the benefit and success of our journey towards achieving the objectives of the program. Moreover, MNGDP is committed to share knowledge across all functions and units in the Ministry through engaging everyone in MNG.

Himmatk is targeting all employees with various expertise and experiences: MNG officers, NCOs, MNG Civilians and MNGHA staff through two major streams: Subject Matter Experts and Projects Team Members.

Himmatk Objectives

Consulting with the Ministry’s subject matter experts in any project or initiative in the development program.

Enhancing knowledge transfer within the Ministry across various specializations.

Giving the opportunity for professionals to contribute to the Ministry’s efforts in development and Vision 2030 initiatives.

Raising awareness of the Development program and its initiatives in the Ministry.

Why Should You Sign Up with Himmatk?

Because it is one form of effective participation in instilling the values of knowledge development and enhancing expertise among all employees of the Ministry.

To Provide the opportunity to practice the best experiences and work closely with international consultants and experts. In addition, developing skills in various fields by enrolling in job training courses.

Because it is one of the reasons for progress in developed countries, which have succeeded socially and economically because of their reliance on the expertise of their specialized individuals.

To Help the program in narrowing the gap between the current capabilities and the specializations required to achieve the Ministry’s development aspirations.

 Himmatk Journey

The process to join “Himmatk”

Himmatk Streams

Stream 1:

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts stream aims to engage MNG/MNGHA experts in development projects, seeking their assistance, enlightenment and views when any project or initiative intersects with their experiences. Working on transferring knowledge within the ministry in all areas.



Is this the right stream for you?

If you are an experienced person and know that your deep knowledge in your field enables you to contribute effectively to the Ministry’s transformation projects as a consultant, registering in the stream of Subject Matter Experts is the best option for you.

Stream 2:

Projects Team Members

Projects Team Members stream aims to engage MNG/MNGHA employees to be members of the MNGDP projects. Based on their experience and credentials, members will be assigned to projects in a limited time frame that does not cut off members from their main and current obligations which allow MNG/MNGHA members to get exposure to the best practices in the projects’ fields and work closely with global experts.

Is this the right stream for you?

If you want to gain more in a specific field and want to work intensively for a limited period, and be part of a project’s team working on developing a field that intersects with your specialization, then the stream of  the projects team members is the most appropriate.